Save time

Sendato will do everything for you – analyze, update, create and manage your website, product and remarketing efforts.

Increase sales

It ensures you stay competitive in the pricing range and have compelling descriptions. Besides that Sendato does the whole remarketing process for you.

24/7 employee

Now you have an employee who works 24/7 to make sure that your store stays competitive and remarketing is spot on.

No more Errors

Do not worry about the incorrect information, bad analysis, improper segmentation or missed opportunities. Sendato does not make mistakes and works as fast as speed of light.


Re-Marketing Automation

AI prepares, creates and executes best re-marketing approach for your client through Email, SMS, Social chats, Ads or combination of all, using your products and behavior and history of your customers.

Automated Product Descriptions

Don’t leave your product descriptions empty or uninformative. Let us do it for you. Guaranteed excellent resonance with the customers.


Complementary Item Matching

Selling an item and not offering a complementary/matching item is a sin. Our tool does exactly that. Analyzes your products and decides what products match best with what products.

Automated Best Price Selection

Our AI scours your competitors websites and chooses the best most competitive prices for your products. At the same time it will automatically lower or raise your prices accordingly, but it will not cross the minimum price you set.


Behind the scenes, we are building a sophisticated system which isn’t just reliable and efficient, but also pre-empts your needs. A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Process & Deep Machine Learning is part of the engine that we use to run and create our plugins.


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